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Wolfwood is the highest
ranking poonage knights right now.
he is the leader of everything
King Ed1992

An Old poonage knight, one who is
very giving, he loves to mine and drink Beer.
and always help whoever, except the enemy

One of our  Recruits he goes by the name
of total annihalation Poonage. He loves to joke around
but in battle he is a fierce warrior
Speed Dmen1
one of our newest member and a fierce knight
he has a good heart and loves beer
A lesser knight who rarely talks and
trys to be the hero, when every you're
around him its hard not to smile

The newest member of the poonage knights
who seems to be rising up  the ranks quickly
there is much to expect from him
Sumo boy5
Sumo boy5 aka gobo slayer poonage
is the second highest ranking poonage
knight. He is in charge of recruiting
new knights