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Poonage Quests
                      Frequently Updated..... Sometimes
Feb - 28 11:00 Clan Necro Mercenary Attack

It is time to show those who think the poonage
knights are just a hoax a lesson, Clan Necro Mercenary
Stole From Our Headquarters and trashed the place so
tonight when they are sleeping we will kill 100 of there zombie
guards in the graveyard of shadow, bring food for this will be a long fight
March - 2nd 8:30 Dead on Arrival

Hello all poonage knights, tonight we are going, in
gobo slayer poonages favor, going to kill gobo's.
but not just any gobo's,   HOBgoblins. yes we are going
to meet in world 13, varrock west bank, you will also need
a brass key but if you dont have one ambassador poonage
will provide. do not be late and bring food we are each killing
20 hobgoblins and if you cant do that you can kill 10. see you at 8:30
March - 10th 10:00 Brutus Past

if you are up this late. It is a dark, sad time ambassador
poonage's soulis in the hands of you, poonage knights.
we are going on a long quest that starts the coming Friday.
we are going to save our leader by imbuing the ring
with magic and then destroying the cursed ring under
the varrock castle. we will destroy that thing that tried to
corrupt Brutus and is now corrupting Wolfwood. this is
going to be remembered in poonage history as the
time that we broke that line of the curse. CHARGE!!!!!

March - 23th 6:00 The Hunt

The party will start whenever sumo boy5 wants it to.
So Make Sure to bring him lots of gooood presents
But as for the quest, Barbarian village is being over-
thrown by goblins in the stronghold of security. the poonage
knights are going to stop them before they reach the surface.
this attack will be lead by GOBOslayer poonage. meet at the
strong hold entrance at 6:00. be sure to bring food and weapons.
also you keep what you kill. whatever gets dropped down there,
except goblin mail thats sumo boys for the taking. anything
else is all yours. i look forward to seeing you there.
April 20th - August 1st

Poonage knights. 'Tis most unfortunate but we will not be
doing any quests threw these long months. Ambassador
Poonage received word that there was a surviving Poonage
lost at sea, so he took these months off too find him. But to no avail.
When Ambassador Poonage arrived at a abandoned island he saw
the torn and raggedcorpse of a human and markings were
branded on his chest, 111100. with anger Ambassador Poonage swore
revenge. for soon he knew he would have to face Fraser