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                           Ambassador Poonage Speaking
"It seems when last I checked not every one in the poonage knights
knew their place. I am creating this list so that there will be no more
confusion amongst the ranks. And don't worry, this is not your
permanent rank, in time I will be willing to promote those who show
me that they are ready. This does not mean show off all of your valuables
or stats. It means who ever is loyal, honors the code and proves themselves
in my eyes. We are a dying Knighthood, we must stick together and honor the code."
Ranking: In Order
Wolfwood277 - Ambassador Poonage

Sumo Boy5 - Gobo Slayer Poonage - Recruiter

King Ed1992 - Minor Miner Poonage

Ziraldo9 - Total Annihilation Poonage

Jmanuel173 - ???? (i dont think we ever gave him a name yet)

Speed Dmen1 - Joker Poonage

Legends556 - Apprentice Poonage

Fatso Des -  Pwnage Poonage

And Remember, No one of higher rank gets to boss anyone
around, we are treated as equals the only
person you take orders from is Wolfwood277.